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Geography: Theses/Dissertations

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  1. Go to the Library Portal.
  2. Enter the keywords social inequality Singapore in the search box. Use quotes ".."  to search for unique phrases such as "void deck", "electronic road pricing", 

  1. The results are displayed in "Bento" like boxes. Scroll down and click on the section  View/Filter More Books and E-Resources  

  2. Go to to the left panel and refine the results to "Dissertation /Thesis"

theses findmore results

  1. Select the menus "Check Availability" or "Full Text Online" to view full text of required theses. 

Past honours theses are available from the NUS Dept of Geography Map Resource Unit. The Library receives print copies of selected theses and academic exercises from the Dept and these are kept in the Closed Stacks under the call number G58

To search for print theses enter the call number G58 by the year in which the work was submitted (e.g. 2014). Alternatively you can add the asterisk * to retrieve theses published from 2010- onwards.

  1. Go to the Library portal.
  2. Click on LINC.
  3. Limit the field to "By Call number" in Theses (NUS Collection) . Enter G58 201* in the search box.

Browse print NUS Bachelors theses > Geography 
Browse all NUS print theses > Geography.


Search NUS Thesis (Print) by Topic  

You can also search Theses in NUS Collection by topic.

  1. Go to the Library portal. Click on LINC.
  2. Limit the search query to "Keyword" field and the location to Theses (NUS) Collection.
  3. Enter keywords that best describe your topic e.g. social capital.



Search hints: 
  • Truncation (aka stemming)
    This is a technique that broadens a search to include various word endings and spellings. To use truncation, enter the root of a word and put the truncation symbol (usually asterisk *) at the end. The database will return results that include any ending of that root word. For example, truncating the  word "volunt*" will retrieve variant spellings/word endings of that root word and these include volunteering, voluntarism, voluntarily.
  • Boolean Logic
    The operator AND is automatically subsumed between the two keywords i.e. youth AND volunt*. You may also add the operator AND between the search terms and use OR to combine related terms to be searched. Group terms to be searched within round brackets (  ). Example:
    • (youth AND volunteer*) AND (career AND (path* OR aspiration*)

Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Scholarbank@NUS

Enter your search in the box Search ScholarBank@NUS.

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