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Geography: Academic Integrity


undefinedAcademic dishonesty is...

"...any misrepresentation with the intent to deceive or

failure to acknowledge the source or falsification of information or

inaccuracy of statements or

cheating at examinations/tests or

inappropriate use of resources." (Source:


undefined Possible consequences of Academic Dishonesty

  • Reduced grades with no S/U option
  • Failure of modules/assignments
  • Expulsion from NUS


undefinedCommon forms of academic dishonesty

  • Hiring ghostwriters or others to do your work
  • Cheating at exams/tests
  • Plagiarism in any form
  • Copying homework or lab results
  • Buying, selling or distributing teaching materials online
  • Copyright infringement in any form
  • Colluding with classmates in tests, assignments or take-home exams
  • Fabricating information, data, sources or citations
  • Inappropriate use of library resources


  • Co-operation for a group assignment is not collusion when group members divide individual tasks and collectively finalise assignment for submission

  In a group of four members, for example, each member could co-operate as follows:

  • All to brainstorm and decide on topic
  • Each member to search and retrieve sources of information, summarise contents, synthesise findings for writing report, do reference citations and bibliography
  • All to proofread and finalise the assignment for submission



  • When working on an individual assignment, students should do their own research and writing.

  What does this mean?

  • All stages of research, synthesis of information, writing up and citing should be done on your own
  • You should not get together with one another to write the assignment
  • You should not get together with one another to divide research tasks and synthesise information

undefinedBuying, selling or distributing of NUS teaching materials

  • NUS teaching materials such as slides, worksheets and materials in any other formats are protected by copyright
  • These are for your personal study
  • You should not be buying, selling, exchanging or distributing NUS teaching materials, or encouraging anyone else to do so
  • This is a violation of the NUS Student Code of Conduct and NUS IP Policy
  • It is considered severe academic misconduct which may result in disciplinary action

Upholding Academic Integrity and avoiding academic dishonesty