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India Legal Research Guide: Cases

Guide to Indian legal resources available at the C J Koh Law Library.

Print resources

These are some of the law reports available in the law library collection.

Electronic resources

Web Resources


Manupatra database

Manu Search - This search function allows us to conduct a free text, title or citation search. 

Legal Search - Legal search allows you to search on a specific field or a combination of fields to find cases. Each field contains specific information (e.g., appellant/respondent name, judges name, equivalent citation, subject, judge name, citation, acts, rules, order, etc.).

Citation Search -  Manupatra has a powerful and exhaustive Citation search. If you have a citation, please specify the relevant components, such as the publisher, year, volume and page number, to find the case. 

Please check the Manupatra training manual for more information.

SCC Online (via LawNet)

SCC Online is accessible through the LawNet database. Covers the judgments of the Supreme Court of India (1950 till date). 

Search by keywords, citations or party names to find Supreme Court cases.