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Islamic Law: Specific Topics

Guide to Islamic law resources in the C J Koh Law Library as well as open access resources.

Specific Topics in Islamic Law

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Topics/Jurisdictions in Islamic law

Subject header(s) in LINC catalogue: Inheritance and succession (Islamic law); Wills (Islamic law)

Subject header(s) in LINC catalogue: Criminal law (Islamic law)Punishment (Islamic law)

See also: Oxford Bibliographies - Islamic Criminal Law and An Introduction to Islamic Criminal Justice: A Teaching and Learning Manual (Shaleen Mansoor, London: UK Centre for Legal Education, 2011)

Subject header(s) in LINC catalogue: Constitutional law (Islamic law); Islam and the state

See also: CIMEL SOAS Islam and Public Law Introduction by Chibli Mallat

Subject header(s) in LINC catalogue: WaqfProperty (Islamic law)Right of property (Islamic law)

Subject header(s) in LINC catalogue: Comparative law; Law - (Jurisdiction) - Islamic influences

Subject header(s) in LINC catalogue: Islamic law - interpretation and construction; Islamic law - sources; Qur'an; KoranHadith; Sunna

See also: Oxford Bibliographies - Principles of Law (usul al-fiqh) - important reference as Islamic law comprises several schools and is not monolithic; Qur'anSunnaHadith and more under 'Related Articles'

Subject header(s) in LINC catalogue - See Islamic law subdivided by A-Z jurisdictions, e.g. Islamic law - Southeast Asia