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Islamic Law: Journals

Guide to Islamic law resources in the C J Koh Law Library as well as open access resources.


Indexes enable researchers to locate articles categorized by topic. A number of legal indexes may helpfully narrow down the search to Islamic Law articles:

Specialist Journals

Journals on Islamic Law


Publisher and Coverage


Al-Ahkam Faculty of Sharia and Law, Walisongo State Islamic University, Indonesian Consortium of Shariah Scholars (KSSI), 2012- Open Access

Arab law quarterly

Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, 1985-

HeinOnline, Brill Journals

Berkeley journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic law 

Berkeley, CA : Berkeley School of Law, 2008-


Electronic journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

University of Zurich, 2013-

Open Access

Islam, Islamic law & Malay adat (Singapore) 1962-83, 83-2000 NUS Central Library, 1962-2000

PN5449.12 Pcc

Press Clippings Collection

Islamic law & law of the Muslim world New York Law School SSRN e-Journal

Islamic law and society 

E.J. Brill, 1994-

HeinOnline, Brill Journals


IIUM law journal 

International Islamic University, Malaysia,1989-



Jernal hukum

Bahagian Ugama, Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, 1980-


The journal of Islamic law

Institute for Intercultural Relations, 1996-2004


The journal of Islamic law & culture Institute for Intercultural Relations, 2000-

HeinOnline, Taylor & Francis


Journal of Islamic law studies (in Turkish and Arabic) Mehir Vakfi, 2009- EBSCO
Journal of Islamic state practices in international law, 2005- HeinOnline
Jurnal syariah  Fakulti Syariah, Akademi Islam, Universiti Malaya, 1993- Open Access
Middle East law and governance Brill, 2009- HeinOnline, Brill Journals
Syariah law journal International Islamic University (Malaysian Law Publishers, 1984-87, 1989-91) KA1 SYLJ  
UCLA journal of Islamic and Near Eastern law UCLA School of Law, 2002-

HeinOnline, EBSCO


Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern law Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (Kluwer Law International, 1995-)

HeinOnline, Brill Journals


Full-text Databases

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Generalist Journals

Not all Islamic law-related articles will necessarily be published in specialist publications. The following journals are also helpful sources of leading Islamic legal periodicals, especially those dealing in comparative works. Note that these are only a small selection:

Legal Journals:

Islamic Studies: 


Selected Articles

Islamic Law in Singapore

Ahmad Nizam Abbas, Arif A. Jamal, Halijah Mohammad and Jaclyn L. Neo, "Recent Developments in Muslim Law Practice in Singapore" Singapore Law Gazette (March 2019)

AhmaNizam bin Abbas, "Custody Issues - Differences and Similarities between Civil and Syariah Courts in Singapore" (2018) 30 Singapore Academy of Law Journal 695
Ahmad Nizam bin Abbas,"The Islamic legal system in Singapore" (2012) 21:1 Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal 163
Anver M. Emon, "Conceiving Islamic Law in a Pluralist Society: History, Politics and Multicultural Jurisprudence" (2006) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 331
Arif A Jamal, "ADR and Islamic law: the cases of the UK and Singapore" NUS Law Working Paper 2015/004, May 2015
Arif A Jamal and Daniel Wong Sheng Jie, "A Tale of Two (Diverse) Countries: Religious Diversity in Canada and Singapore" (2019) 20:7 German Law Journal 986
G. W. Bartholomew, "The Application of Shari'a in Singapore" (1964) 13 American Journal of Comparative Law 385
Haemala Thanasegaran and Mohammed Shaiban, "Harmonisation of Takaful (Islamic Insurance) Regulation - A Realistic Goal or Improbable Ideal" (2014) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 328
Kerstin Steiner, "Governing Islam: The State, the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA) and Islam in Singapore" (2015) 16:1 Australian Journal of Asian Law 1
Kylee R Sargenti, "The Growth of Islamic Banking: A Singaporean Study on the Legal Conflicts of Embracing Shari'ah Law" (2010) 8 Santa Clara Journal of International Law 431
Ledy Mahara Ginting, et al, "Legal and Regulatory Framework of Islamic Banking and Finance: A Study in Singapore" (2020) 6:4 International Journal of Management and Applied Research 232
M. B. Hooker, "The Evolution of Singapore's Common Law Fiqh, 1957-2013" (2016) 17:1 Australian Journal of Asian Law 1
M. B. Hooker, "Introduction: Islamic Law in South-East Asia" (2003) 10:1 Studia Islamika 1
M. B. Hooker, "Muslim Law, Ahmadiyya and Islamic Doctrine in Singapore" (2013) 14:1 Australian Journal of Asian Law 1
M. B. Hooker, "Succession to Muslim Estates in Singapore: Sources of Law and Choice of Law" (2014) 15:2 Australian Journal of Asian Law 1
Mohd Yazid Bin Zul Kepli, "Islamic Finance in Singapore: Legal and Regulatory Challenges" (2013) 31 Singapore Law Review 279
Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Sharifah Thuraiya Su'ad Ahmad Alhabshi, "The Training, Appointment, and Supervision of Islamic Judges in Singapore" (2012) 21:1 Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal 189
Nik Hasyila Bte Nik Ibrahim, "The Training, Appointment, and Supervision of Islamic Lawyers in Singapore" (2012) 21:1 Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal 215
Noor Aisha Binte Abdul Rahman, "Muslim Personal Law and Citizens' Rights: The Case of Singapore" (2012) 7:1 Asian Journal of Comparative Law 1
Noor Aisha Binte Abdul Rahman, "Muslim Personal Law within the Singapore Legal System: History, Prospects and Challenges" (2009) 29:1 Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 109
Noor Aisha Binte Abdul Rahman, "Singapore's Muslim law versus Syariah revivalism" 2016:36 ISEAS Perspective
Noor Aisha Binte Abdul Rahman, The Syariah court and the administration of the Muslim law on divorce in Singapore (Ph.D. thesis, National University of Singapore 2000) Call Number: PL5100 *2000 1 
Noor Aisha Binte Abdul Rahman, “Traditionalism and its Impact on the Administration of Justice, the Case of the Syariah Court of Singapore” (2004) 5:3 Inter Asia Cultural Studies 415
Raj Joshua Thomas, "Islamic Banking and Finance - Regulatory Regimes in Malaysia and Singapore" (2011) 29 Singapore Law Review 165
Sadali Rasban, Adam Abdullah and Aznan Hasan, "An analysis of residue net estate distribution to bayt al-māl in Singapore" (2020) 12 ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance 49
Zamiq Azmeer Bin Borhanudin, "50 Years Since Enacting the Administration of Muslim Law Act: Muslim Law on Polygamy in Singapore" Singapore Academy of Law Journal (published on e-First 24 September 2019)