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A guide to doing research on Percussion music: Video Recordings

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Video Recordings

You may wish to watch video recordings on the percussion music of John Cage as part of your research, and can use Naxos Video Library.

Click here to view how to search Naxos Video Library. More information on how to access this database from the library portal is given below.

Using Naxos Video Library

Click on the 'Databases' tab.


Type Naxos Video Library in the search box on the page 'Search within Databases'.

Click Campus Login if you are on campus.

If you are at home, select your network domain using the dropdown menu and key in your user ID and password. Then click Login.

You will see the next page ‘Appropriate Use Policy’ which you need to read and agree that the information you access is for your own study and research. You must also agree not to download excessive information due to licensing agreements the Library has with the publishers. Click ‘I accept’ to proceed.

You will see the Naxos Video Library home page. In the search box, type 'John Cage' and click Enter.

Sometimes, it is possible that there may not be any results for your search. In this case, there is only one result, a video on 'How to get out of the Cage'.

Remember to click Log Out at the top of the page when you have finished searching the database.

Naxos Video Library

Naxos Video Library

Naxos Video Library is a streaming video library of classical music performances, opera, ballet, live concerts and documentaries. It has over 1285 full-length videos and the libretto and text are included when available.