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Southeast Asian Studies: Newspapers

Resources for Southeast Asian Studies

Newspaper Resources

Historical Newspapers

English and Malay Newspapers published in Singapore and Malaya:


Chinese Newspapers Published in Singapore

  • NUS Libraries Digital Gems - Chinese Newspaper Collection (Singapore)
    • Digitized newspapers include: Zhong Xing Ri Bao (1949-1957), Guang Hua Ri Bao, Hua Qiao Ri Bao, Nan Qiao Ri Bao, Nanfang Wan Bao, Guo Min Ri Bao, Ye Deng, Yu Le, Shao Nian Er Tong Bao, Guang Shi Wu Bao, Xin Li Bao, Xin Bao, Xin Min Zhu Bao, Xin Yi Qun Bao, Yi Qun Bao & Fan Hua Bao

Chinese Newspapers Published in Malaya/Malaysia


Here are Newspapers that are published in America:

You can find newspapers published in Asia here:

The Bangkok Recorder 1844-1845 (Thai language)

The first modern newspaper produced in Thailand. It was founded and produced by Dr Dan Beach Bradley, a American missionary.

Here is a list of newspapers published in the United Kingdom:

Here is a list of newspapers published in Mainland Europe:


Newspapers published in Australia and New Zealand :