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Singapore Primary Sources: Main



This guide covers primary sources* on Singapore (from 1819), available mainly at NUS Libraries . It is a selective list of starting points for students and researchers working on Singapore history.

* Primary sources “provide first-hand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation. They are created by witnesses or recorders who experienced the events or conditions being documented.” (from Yale University, Primary Sources at Yale) .


Overview of Singapore’s history and corresponding main primary sources kept in NUS Libraries

Period Years Sources
    Executive Government Defence
 Singapore   East India Company and Indian Office Records  Government of India Straits Settlements Records Various defence records, U.K. 
  Factory (Fort Marlborough)   1819-1823
  Factory (Gov. of Bengal)  1823-1826
 Straits Settlements  
  Presidency  1826-1829
  Residency (Gov. of Bengal) 1830-1851
  Residency (Gov.-Gl of India) 1851-1858
  Residency (India Off., London)     1858-1867  
  Crown Colony (Colonial Off., Ldn) 1867-1942 Various Colonial Office series    
 Japanese Military Administration  1942-1945    
 British Military Administration  1945-1946    
 Colony of Singapore 1946-1959    
 Colony of the State of Singapore  1959-1963    
 Federation of Malaysia  1963-1965    
          MINDEF Singapore
 Republic of Singapore     1965-      

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