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Singapore Primary Sources: Executive government (before 1867)

East India Company and India Office Records (IOR)

  • 1819-1858: Singapore (and later as part of the Straits Settlements) was governed by the East India Company (EIC) on behalf of the British government.
  • 1858-1867: the Straits Settlements came under direct British rule and were administered by the India Office in London.

The records of the EIC and India Office are preserved in the British Library and are called all together “India Office records” (reference code: IOR). NUS Libraries has acquired copies of some records pertaining to Singapore. These records are only available in microform format.


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Records of the Government of India


Reproduction of manuscripts kept in the National Archives of India, New Delhi. Those records contains documents created or received by the Governor General of India and related to the Straits Settlements.

Straits Settlements Records (SSR), 1800-1867


Reproduction of manuscripts preserved at the National Archives of Singapore. Each series is numbered from A to HH. Those records consist of documents created or received by the administrative entities located in the Straits Settlements (e.g. Governor of the Straits Settlements). 

 Flag of the Governor of the Straits Settlements

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  • The National Archives of Singapore (NAS) and the National Library Board (NLB) also have Straits Settlements Records. Search the NAS catalogue under "Straits Settlements Records" or the NLB catalogue under “Straits Settlements Records microform”