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Singapore Primary Sources: Local government

Local Government

Singapore Local Government

Local matters, such as the water supply, electricity, gas, roads, bridges, street lighting were handled by the Municipal Commission until 1951, which covered the municipal area. A separate rural board was in charge of the rural districts.

In September 1951, Singapore acquired city status and the Municipal commission was renamed the City Council.

From 1959, the City Council’s functions were progressively transferred to the central government (e.g. to the Ministry of National Development).

The water, electricity and gas functions stayed within the City Council until 1963 (and the creation of the Public Utilities Board - PUB)

In 1986, the government started to set up Town Councils and in 1997, Community Development Councils.

The Singapore Municipal Building - c. 1950s


 Below is a list of selected sources:

Series Title Dates
Municipal Commission (19th c.-1951)
Minutes of the proceedings of the Municipal Commissioners [microform] 1880-1951

Administration report of the Singapore Municipality for the year:



Singapore City Council (1951-1959/1963)

Minutes of proceedings/Singapore City Council:



Administration report / City Council. 1953-1961
Audited accounts 1959
Annual report / City Gas Department 1954-1959
Annual report / Electricity Department 1951-1961
Annual Report/ Water Department 1956-1961
Rural Board
Singapore Rural Board, Annual report 1948-1959
Public Utilities Board - PUB (1963-present)

Annual report (Singapore. Public Utilities Board):



Singapore PUB Water Dept.: Annual Report 1965-1969
Annual report (Singapore. Public Utilities Board. Gas Dept.) 1987-1992
Town Councils (1986-present)
Various reports 1990s-2000s
Community Development Councils (1997-present)
Central Singapore Community Development Council's publications 1999-2008
Northeast Community Development Council's publications 2000-2001
North West Community Development Council (Singapore)'s publications 2002-present