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Singapore Primary Sources: Executive government (1867-1965)

Colonial Office (CO) Records

Copies of records preserved in the National Archives, U.K.  The Colonial Office records contains documents pertaining to Singapore created or received by the Colonial Office in London.

The Colonial Office, located in London, was in charge of the colonies. Singapore (as part of the Straits Settlements) came under its direct control in 1867.

Main sources

Series No. Series Title Dates
Straits Settlements
CO 273

Original Correspondence [microform and other formats][electronic resource] :
    This series contains correspondence relating to the Straits Settlements.

CO 274

Acts [microform]:
    This series contains acts passed by the government of the Straits Settlements.

CO 275

Sessional Papers [electronic resource]:
    This series contains Legislative and Executive Council Proceedings (minutes of meetings), annual departmental reports.

CO 276

Government Gazette [electronic resource] 
    The gazette is the official newspaper produced by the government of the Straits Settlements.
    The content is varied, e.g. proclamations by the governor, notice of appointments, texts of ordinances.

1867- 1942
CO 277 

Miscellanea (Blue Book) [electronic resource]
    This series contains statistics.

CO 925

Acts [microform]:
    This series contains acts passed by the government of Singapore.

CO 953

Original Correspondence [electronic resource and microform]:
    This series contains correspondence relating to Singapore.

  Far Eastern  
CO 1030

Far Eastern Department: Registered Files (FED Series) [microform] ; [electronic resource]



* Series no. CO 273 contains files that were transferred by the India Office to the Colonial Office (that is why the earliest records goes back to 1838, before the Straits Settlements came under the control of the Colonial Office).

Timeline of the records held by NUS Libraries

Index and finding aids:

Other sources


Colonial Secretary's Office (CSO) Files

NUS Libraries have limited files originating from the Colonial Secretary's Office (CSO).

Check National Archives of Singapore for more files.