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Singapore Primary Sources: Defence

Various defence records (U.K.)


NUS Libraries has acquired copies of some records preserved in the National Archives (U.K.) that relate to Singapore defence and military matters. Those records comes from 4 different record group:

  • Admiralty (ADM): a record group that contains records relating to the administration of the naval forces.
  • Air Ministry (AIR): records relating to the air force.
  • Ministry of Defence (DEFE): records relating mainly to British military activities after World War II.
  • War Office (WO): records relating to the administration of armed forces.

Admiralty extension, London ©

Main sources:

Series No. Series Title Dates
ADM 1 Admiralty & Secretariat files [electronic resource]  1812, 1938, 1952-54
ADM 116 Admiralty & Secretariat files [electronic resource]  1890-1937
ADM 199 War history cases and papers [electronic resource]  1939-1947
ADM 214 Civil engineer-in-chief papers [electronic resource]  1904, 1922-1927
ADM 234 Navy reference books (BR series) [electronic resource]  1953-54, 1957
N.A. Other records or publications  Various
  Air Ministry  
AIR 20 Unregistered papers 1945-1951
AIR 23 Overseas Command [microform]. RAF commands 1945-1946
N.A. Other records or publications Various
  Ministry of Defence  
DEFE 4 Chief of Staff Committee [microform] : minutes of meetings 1967
DEFE 5 Chiefs of Staff Committee memoranda [electronic resource] 1966
DEFE 6 Chiefs of Staff Committee reports of the Joint Planning Staff and successors [electronic resource] 1966-1967
DEFE 7 Registered files, general series [microform]  1949-1970
DEFE 7 Registered files, general series, prior to 1964 [electronic resource] 1958-1959

Other records or publications



   War Office  
WO 32  Registered files [microform] : general series. 1920s-1962
WO 33 O & A papers [microform]. late 19th c.-1940
WO 181 Directorate of Military Survey papers [microform]. 1922-1935
WO 193 Directorate of Military Operations and Plans [microform]. 1934-1958
WO 196 Directorate of Artillery [microform]. 1892-1969
WO 216 Chief of the Imperial General Staff papers [microform]. 1945-1958
WO 233 Directorate of Air papers [microform]. 1941-1948
WO 235

War crimes case files, Second World War [various formats].
Refer to Singapore War Crimes Trials Web Portal to do a search by nature of crime and location of crime committed.

WO 252 Topographical and economic surveys [microform].  1913-1960
N.A. Other records and publications  Various


Ministry of Defence (Singapore)

Upon independance in 1965, the Singapore government set up a Ministry of the Interior and Defence. In 1970, the Ministry was separated into 2 different entities - the Mindef and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

NUS Libraries mainly holds publications (e.g. annual reports, newsletters) from the Ministry of the Interior and Defence and the Ministry of Defense.

Main sources: