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Course Readings

Course Readings is a NUS Libraries service that provides course-related materials made available, either electronically or physically.


View Course Readings at a 100% view to see the accompanying text identifying each icon.

When to publish reading list

It is possible to Publish a reading list on Course Readings once you have created it.

However, it is also possible for you to publish a reading list after you have completed including all the necessary readings and managing them.

Visibility of reading lists & contents

Publish reading list

1. Click on Lists and choose an existing list.

2. Click on Publish followed by Yes.


Preview published reading list

To see how a published reading list will appear to students, click on Preview.

Unpublish reading list

1. Click on Lists and choose the published list you plan to unpublish.
The published list usually has a icon next to it. 

2. Click on Unpublish.