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Course Readings

Course Readings is a NUS Libraries service that provides course-related materials made available, either electronically or physically.


  1. Due to the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) guidelines, streaming videos are only for course use.
  2. Streaming film requests are usually a lengthy process due to several factors, including the time taken to trace and contact the copyright owners, obtaining the IMDA film rating for unrated films, and negotiating for the institutional streaming license.
  3. Please note that institutional streaming licenses for popular and major feature films, movies, and TV shows are almost impossible to obtain as the individual copyright owners or film companies may not respond, or they reject the Library’s requests for the institutional streaming license. You may consider using the DVD version instead.
  • If the DVD is available, you may use the Central Library Seminar Room or borrow the DVD from the library to screen the film during your class.
  • To book the Central Library Seminar Room, please email
  • To submit a request to borrow the DVD out of the library for your class screening, please use the Book Media Materials for Teaching eForm.

Request for streaming videos

  1. Submit the Requesting for Media eForm at the NUS Libraries portal.
  2. Select the Streaming Video option.

  1. Upon submission, NUS Libraries will proceed to contact the copyright owner for a streaming license of the requested video. We will inform you if the streaming version is not available, where you could let us know if you’d like to have the DVD instead.
  2. Once the streaming version is available, we will provide you with a link to the video. As the film is only restricted to course participants, please do not place the video link in your Course Readings, as that would make the video accessible to all NUS staff and students.

  3. You may consider adding the video link in other parts of Canvas, such as in Pages or Files instead.