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Chinese Linguistics 汉语语言学: CL2204 Reading List 汉语语义学参考书目

A guide to resources in Chinese Linguistics.

CL2204 Reading List 汉语语义学 参考书目 (AY2015/2016, Semester 1)

请以IVLE里的“CL2204 汉语语义学”课程大纲为准。
如是闭架书目(Closed-stack books),请网上预借。

有关此门课的RBR阅读书目,请浏览图书馆综合目录: LINC > RBR > Course Number > CL2204

授课老师:Dr Yuan Hua Hung

The reading list below includes necessary reading materials:
1. Teng Shou-Hsin (1981) “Deixis, anaphora, and demonstratives in Chinese”, Cahiers de linguistique Asie orientale 10(1), 5-18.
2. Li, Jie (1997) "Predicate type and the semantics of bare nouns in Chinese", The referential properties of Chinese noun phrases, ed. L. Xu, pp. 61-84. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.
3. Li, Charles N.& Sandra A. Thompson (1981) “Chapter 6. Aspect”, Mandarin Chinese: A Functional Reference Grammar, University of California, Berkeley, 184-237.
4. 蔡维天 (2002)〈台湾国语和方言中的「有」─谈语法学中的社会因缘与历史意识〉,《清华学报》,新三十二卷第二期,495-528页。
5.  Smith, Carlota (1994) “Aspectual viewpoint and situation type in Mandarin Chinese”. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 3(2),107–146.
6. Teng Shou-hsin (1983)”Quantifier Hierarchy in Chinese”, Studies in Chinese Syntax and Semantics, Taiwan : Student Books Co., p. 241-252.
7. Teng, Shou-Hsin (1974) “Negation in Chinese”. Journal of Chinese Linguistics 2(2), 125-140.
Further reading materials:
1. Chao, Yuen-Ren. 1968. A grammar of spoken Chinese. Berkeley: University of California Press.
2. James R. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, Michael B. Smith (2007) “2 From reference “ in Semantics: a coursebook. Cambridge University Press, p. 36-79.
3. Li, Charles N. and Sandra A. Thompson. 1981. Mandarin Chinese. A functional reference grammar. Berkeley: University of California Press.
4. 曹逢甫丶郑萦(1997)〈谈闽南语“有"的五种用法及其间的关系〉,《台湾学者 汉语研究文集(语法篇)》,天津人民出版社。
5. Ernst, Thomas(1995) “Negation in Mandarin Chinese”. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 13(4), 665–707.

CL2204 Reading List 汉语语义学 参考书目 (AY2014/2015, Semester 2)

请以IVLE里的“CL2204 汉语语义学”课程大纲为准。
如是闭架书目(Closed-stack books),请网上预借。

有关此门课的RBR阅读书目,请浏览图书馆综合目录: LINC > RBR > Course Number > CL2204

  1. Chappell, Hilary. “The syntax of universal semantic primes in Mandarin Chinese,” in Cliff Goddard and Anna Wierzbicka (eds.) Meaning and Universal Grammar:
  2. Theory and Empirical Findings, Volume I (Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2002), pp.243-322.  P25 Slcs 60/61 2002  v.1
  3. Goddard, Cliff. Semantic Analysis: A Practical Introduction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998). P325 God
  4. Wierzbicka, Anna. Semantics: Primes and Universals (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996). P325.5 Uni.Wi

  1. 刘焕辉《言与意之谜: 探索话语的语义迷宫》(北京: 中国社会科学出版社,2001)。P325 Lhh 2
  2. 吴国华《文化语义学》(北京: 军事谊文出版社,2000)。325 Wgh 2000  
  3. 曹  炜《现代汉语词义学》(上海: 学林出版社,2001)。L1291 Cw 
  4. 李芳杰《汉语语义结构研究》(武昌: 武汉大学出版社,2003)。PL1291 Lfj 2003 
  5. 石安石《语义论》(北京: 商务印书馆,1993)。P325 Sas.Y 
  6. 苏新春《汉语词义学》(广州: 广东教育出版社,1992)。PL1301 SXC.H  
  7. 张 远《汉字字义的演变》(福州: 福建教育出版社,1996)。PL1281 Zy  
  8. 陈 平《现代语言学硏究:理论方法与事实》(重庆: 重庆出版社,1991)。P121 CPi.X

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