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Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Healthcare & Biomedical

This guide covers recommended resources available at the NUS Libraries on all matters pertaining to enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups.


As the healthcare industry grows and evolves, breakthroughs in medical innovations and new technologies are essential in bringing new or enhanced options to the table so that the industry can remain nimble. To be competent in tackling new challenges and tasks, individuals and enterprises involved in this industry will need to acquire expertise in finding and assessing diverse information from a variety of sources. 

Healthcare & Biomedical


Recommended databases on this topic are listed below:

To find more databases, see NUS Libraries Subject Guides or use the search box in Databases page on the NUS Libraries Portal.


Books & E-Books

Selected books are listed below:

For more books and e-books, use the search box in NUS Libraries Portal or search by subject in our library catalogue (LINC), e.g. Entrepreneurship or New Business Enterprises.

Other resources to look for innovation and entrepreneurship are listed below:

Blogs, News, etc.

Data, Databases, etc.

  • FDA's Recognised Consensus Standards 
    • Search for voluntary consensus standards recognised by US Food and Drug Administration which manufacturers of medical devices can declare conformity to
  • Global Health Observatory (GHO)
    • The GHO data repository is World Health Organization's gateway to health-related statistics
  • Infosearch for health products and services (Singapore)
    • Health Science Authority (HSA) online databases to search health products and services, including medical devices, etc.
  • National Registry of Diseases Office (NRDO)
    • Data on selected major diseases and health conditions in Singapore
  • Singapore Health Statistics (Department of Statistics)
    • Statistics on health and on the healthcare sector compiled by the Ministry of Health, Singapore
  • TRIP
    • This free version provides quick and easy access to high-quality research evidence for the purpose of supporting practice and/or care. NUS staff and students can access to TRIP Pro which is subscribed by NUS Libraries. 




These resources may be useful or help you understand better on this topic:

Articles, Reports & Publications

Subject Guides