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Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Product Design & More

This guide covers recommended resources available at the NUS Libraries on all matters pertaining to enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups.


A new product may start from a new idea or evolved from another design. Having an understanding on the current trends, finding fresh ideas or even knowing who to contact may be helpful in developing the new product you want.


1. Central Library, NUS Libraries
TEL Imaginarium :: Services offered include 3D Printing, 3D scanning; for NUS staff and students

2. Engineering Design & Innovation Centre, College of Design & Engineering (CDE)
Central Workshop :: e.g. Engineering Fabrication Laboratory, Professional Workshop and Training Workshop; currently for CDE staff and students

3. Communications and New Media, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Multimedia Production Makerspace :: currently for CNM staff and students

4. Com1-02-02, School of Computing

Product Design, Development and Testing


See these NUS Libraries Guides:

For more databases, see other NUS Libraries Subject Guides.

Source: NUS Libraries Design & Engineering Subject Guide

Books & E-Books

Selected books are listed below:

For more books and e-books, use the search box in NUS Libraries Portal or search by subject in our library catalogue (LINC), e.g. Product Design or New Products.

These resources may be useful or help you understand better on this topic:

Business or Trade Directories

  • Kompass (Singapore)
    Allows you to search for B2B suppliers in Singapore by category and sector
  • Singapore Business Directory (
    Allows you to browse by industrial classification, categories, etc.
  • Times Business Directory
    Compilation of key companies in Singapore, including MNCs, public listed companies, top SMEs, etc. Other directories are also available on this website
  • Singapore Manufacturing Federation - Useful Links
    Links to government ministries, statutory boards, chambers of commerce and business associations, etc.
  • (formerly Thomas Register)
    Directories on product sourcing and suppliers in US

Clinical Trials


Recommended databases for this topic are listed below:

Books & E-Books

Selected books are listed below:

For more books and e-books, use the search box in NUS Libraries Portal or search in our library catalogue (LINC), e.g. clinical trials.

Other resources on this topic are listed below:

For more information on clinical trials, see NUS Libraries Systematic Reviews Guide.

Source: International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (World Health Organization)