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Pro Bono: Criminal Law


Pro bono resources on criminal law. Might be of interest to the following groups:

  • accused persons
  • pro bono lawyers
  • students assisting with pro bono work 

See also: Criminal Procedure resources

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Tan Fong Han '20 (LL.B. (Hon.) NUS) for her advice and assistance in this section.


Refer to the following statutes and related subsidiary legislation on Singapore Statutes Online.

Note: The lists are not exhaustive.

A. Historical Background to Major Criminal Law Legislation

Current  Historically Known As Link to Subsidiary Legislation
Criminal Procedure Code

Criminal Procedure Ordinance of 1890

Evidence Act Evidence Act 1872 SL
Penal Code Ordinance No. IV of 1871  -

B. Other Major Primary and Subsidiary Legislation in Singapore

Primary Legislation Link to Subsidiary Legislation
Arms & Explosives Act SL
Arms Offences Act -
Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act SL
Copyright Act see IPOS Copyright Infringement & Enforcement page for more information. SL
Corrosive & Explosive Substances & Offensive Weapons Act -
Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act SL
Dangerous Fireworks Act SL
Enlistment Act SL
Explosive Substances Act -
Films Act SL
Kidnapping Act -
Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act SL
Misuse of Drugs Act SL
Moneylender's Act [Sections 14 & 28] SL
Organised Crime Act 2015 SL
Penal Code  
Prevention of Corruption Act SL
Undesirable Publications Act SL
Vandalism Act  
Women’s Charter [Sections 65(8) and 140(1)(i)] SL

Source: adapted from the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme by The Law Society Pro Bono Services (Rebranded to: Pro Bono SG). An archived version of the page is available here.

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