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Pro Bono: Small Claims

Small Claims: Introduction

When one has a dispute involving small claims, he or she may choose to just lodge a complaint with CASE, seek mediation at the Singapore Mediation Centre or file a claim at the Small Claims Tribunals.

Click on the tabs below to find out more about the various options available and to determine the suitability of your dispute for mediation or claim at the Tribunals.


A. Matters Handled by CASE 
The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) handles consumer-to-business disputes and tourist-to-business disputes.

For more information on the types of cases handled by CASE, click here.

B. Submitting a Complaint
After submitting an online complaint, CASE officers will assess the situation and advise on the appropriate steps. There are typically 2 options:

1) Assisted Scheme
The consumer does not have to register as a member of CASE. CASE will help draft a letter to the retailer to communicate the consumer's concerns and ideal outcome but the consumer will have to deliver the letter personally to the company. In this instance, CASE will not follow up on the dispute on behalf of the consumer.

This scheme is currently only available for walk-in appointments.

2) File A Case 
If the consumer is not a member of CASE, he or she has to first register to be a member. CASE will then correspond with the retailer to work towards an amicable resolution. Should the matter reach a stalemate, the customer relations officer will then advise on options, such as mediation or seeking recourse at the Small Claims Tribunals.

For more information, click here.

C. CASE Mediation Procedure
CASE will invite both parties for mediation 

  • upon the case reaching a deadlock or 
  • when both parties are agreeable to come forward for mediation.

For more information, click here.

D. Resources for Consumers
CASE offers guidance to consumers through the

  • Consumer Guides
    Provide guidance on matters including price transparency, prepayment protection, e-commerce, motoring and renovations.
  • Company Alert List
    List of companies (non-exhaustive) against which CASE has received consumer complaints.

E. Contact
Add: Consumer Relations Department, 170 Ghim Moh Road, #05-01 Ulu Pandan Community Building, Singapore 279621 
Tel: + 65 9795 8397 
Form: Enquiry or feedback on CaseTrust accreditation scheme and other CASE matters
Form: Online complaint

A. Cases Handled by the Singapore Mediation Centre
The Singapore Mediation Centre provides mediation services to help parties work out commercial conflicts where the sum of the claim is $60,000 or less.

Cases handled by the include failure to deliver goods, non-performance of services, defective goods and services, agency issues and other contractual issues.

B. Procedures and Processes
Click on the following links for information on:

1) Mediation Procedure Rules

2) Agreement to Mediate

3) Request for Mediation Form

4) Case Summary Guidelines

5) Code of Conduct

6) Fee Schedule.

C. Contact
Add: 1 Supreme Court Lane, Level 4, Singapore 178879
Tel: +65 6252 4226

A. ​Cases Handled by the Small Claims Tribunals
The Small Claims Tribunals are part of the State Courts of Singapore. They provide a quick and inexpensive forum for the resolution of small claims between consumers and suppliers. Briefly, their jurisdiction is as follows:

1) Monetary limit - claims with a total value not exceeding $20,000; limit can be raised to $30,000 if there is a Memorandum of Consent from both parties.

2) Time limit - all claims must be filed within 2 years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.

3) Types of disputes:

  • Contract for the sale of goods
  • Contract for the provision of services
  • Tenancy agreement for residential premises not exceeding 2 years.
  • Damage to property not arising from or in connection with the use of a motor vehicle, or caused by a neighbour
  • Against a supplier for an unfair practice under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act
  • Refund of motor vehicle deposits under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) (Motor Vehicle Dealer Deposits) Regulations.

For more information, click here.

B. Procedures and Processes
Click on the following links for information about:

1) Filing a Small Claim
Information on the steps involved to file a small claim.

2) Going to Court for a Small Claim
Information on what to prepare and expect for consultations and hearings at the SCT.

3) Executing or Enforcing a Small Claims Order
A claimant or counterclaimant may enforce an order by the SCT if the other party does not comply with it.

For more information on SCT procedures, click here.

C. Legislation

Refer to the following statute and related subsidiary legislation on Singapore Statutes Online:

D. Contact
Add: 1 Havelock Square, Level 3 State Courts, Singapore 059724
File online: Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS)
Form: Memorandum of consent.

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