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Pro Bono: Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure

The Code of Practice for the Conduct of Criminal Proceedings by the Prosecution and the Defence
Published by the Attorney-General's Chambers & the Law Society.

What is a Criminal Case
Guide published by the Supreme Court.

Guidebook for Accused in Person: A Guide to Representing Yourself in Court
Published by the Criminal Justice Division of the State Courts.

Know the Law Now 
Chapters 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 contain sections on Criminal Proceedings e.g. arrest and investigation, charge and bail bond, case management, pleading guilty, mitigation and sentencing, trial and appeal, magistrate's complaint and private summons, etc. Published by the Law Society.

The Legal Toolkit for Witnesses (with a Focus on Vulnerable Witnesses)
Joint collaboration between CPBCLE, Hagar Singapore Ltd, the State Courts and the Community Justice Centre. Guide to assist caregivers and professionals who support vulnerable witnesses who have to testify in criminal trials.

Types of Criminal Proceedings
Published by the Supreme Court.

Refer to the following statutes and related subsidiary legislation on Singapore Statutes Online:

LawNet (access: NUS Law) (access: Other NUS staff & students)

Browsing for Materials: 

  • Under "Legal Research" > "Subject Browse" > "Criminal Procedure and Sentencing" 
  • View cases classified by Appeal, Arrest, Attorney-general, Bail, Bond, etc.


  • Search by Keyword under "Legal Research" > "Basic Search" 
  • Conduct a more precise based on material type or field search under "Legal Research" > "Advanced Search"

Manupatra (for India)
Cases from the High Courts and Supreme Court of India.

Criminal Procedure Rules (2018), Schedule
Court forms are available via Singapore Statutes Online.

Singapore Courts: Forms
Under All topics menu, select relevant form from the list, e.g. Charged with a crime, Criminal Appeals, etc.

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