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Pro Bono: Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure

Refer to the following statutes and related subsidiary legislation on Singapore Statutes Online:

LawNet (access: NUS Law) (access: Other NUS staff & students)

Browsing for Materials: 

  • Under "Legal Research" > "Subject Browse" > "Criminal Procedure and Sentencing" 
  • View cases classified by Appeal, Arrest, Attorney-general, Bail, Bond, etc.


  • Search by Keyword under "Legal Research" > "Basic Search" 
  • Conduct a more precise based on material type or field search under "Legal Research" > "Advanced Search"

Manupatra (for India)
Cases from the High Courts and Supreme Court of India.

Criminal Procedure Rules (2018), Schedule
Court forms are available via Singapore Statutes Online.

Singapore Courts: Forms
Under All topics menu, select relevant form from the list, e.g. Charged with a crime, Criminal Appeals, etc.

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