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Pro Bono: Neighbours

Neighbours: Introduction

Disputes with neighbours are wide-ranging. They include causing excessive noise, littering, misuse or obstruction of common property, display of unacceptable behaviour and allowing one's animal to trespass on another's place of residence.

Various means of resolving disputes are available, including community mediation and filing a claim at the Community Dispute Resolution Tribunals (CDRT). However, neighbours should only consider starting proceedings in the CDRT after all self-help options, including community mediation, have been attempted and exhausted.

See also: section on Harassment/Stalking


A. General

Community Dispute Management Framework
Information published by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth on the resolution of community disputes including:

  • guidelines for resolving disputes between neighbours
  • information on the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals (CDRTs).

B. Self-help Remedies

Community Mediation Centre (CMC)
The CMC provides mediation services to residents in Singapore who face social, relational and community disputes. Click on the links below for information on:

C. Legal Remedies

A Guide to Neighbour Dispute Claims
Guidebook to filing a claim in the Community Dispute Resolution Tribunals (State Courts). The CDRT hears cases under the Community Disputes Resolution Act which creates a new statutory tort of interfering with the enjoyment or use of places of residence.

An Overview of the CDRT
Information about the Community Dispute Resolution Tribunals and procedures. Click on "Filing a claim against your neighbour" in the left column and select the relevant tab for information, including:

A. Self-help Options

1. Community Mediation Centre
CMC provides mediation for disputes between neighbours.

Add: 45 Maxwell Road, #07-11 URA Centre (East Wing), Singapore 069118
Tel: 1800-2255-529
Application: Apply onlineRefer a case to CMC (by agencies)

2. Community Justice Centre (Primary Justice Project)
PJP aims to provide litigants with affordable solutions to their legal issues by exploring possibilities of dispute resolutions rather than taking costly legal actions in court. Coverage includes harassment cases and neighbour disputes.

Add: 1 Havelock Square, #B1-6/7/8 State Courts, Singapore 059724
Tel: +65 6557 4100

3. Other self-help options
The State Courts provides a list of organisations that offer self-help options.

B. Legal Remedies

Community Disputes Resolution Tribunal (State Courts)
The CDRT (as part of the State Courts) hears cases under the Community Disputes Resolution Act which creates a new statutory tort of interfering with the enjoyment or use of places of residence.

Add (payment of magistrate's complaint filing fee): Central Registry, 1 Havelock Square, Level 2 State Courts, Singapore 059724
File online: Community Justice and Tribunals System (CJTS).

CDRT Forms
List of forms used for proceedings in the Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals.

Magistrate's Complaint Forms
Main magistrate complaint forms and additional forms for harrassment cases. Published by the State Courts.

POHA Application Forms
List of administrative and court forms that may be used in an application under POHA at the State Courts.

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