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Music: Orchestra

Resources for Music students

Full orchestra

Call Number Range
Orchestra - Collections M1000    
Symphonies M1001    
Symphonic poems M1002    
Orchestral suites, variations M1003    
Overtures M1004    
Concertos [Solo instrument(s) with orchestra] M1004.5 --> M1041
  Concertos - Collections M1004.5    
  Cadenzas M1004.6 --> M1004.7
  Organ concertos M1005 --> M1006
  Piano concertos M1010 --> M1011
  Violin concertos M1012 --> M1013
  Viola concertos M1014 --> M1015
  Cello concertos M1016 --> M1017
  Double bass concertos M1018    
  Concertos for other strings M1019    
  Flute concertos M1020 --> M1021
  Oboe concertos M1022 --> M1023
  Clarinet concertos M1024 --> M1025
  Bassoon concertos M1026 --> M1027
  Horn concertos M1028 --> M1029
  Trumpet concertos M1030 --> M1031
  Trombone concertos M1032 --> M1033
  Concertos for other winds M1034 --> M1035
  Concertos for plucked instruments M1036 --> M1037.4
    Harp concertos M1036 --> M1037
    Guitar concertos M1037.4 Gui    
  Percussion concertos M1038 --> M1039
  Concertos for other instruments M1039.4 --> M1039.5
  Concertos for more than 1 instruments M1040 --> M1041
Concertos for orchestra M1042    
Other orchestra music M1045 --> M1075
Orchestra techniques MT730    

String orchestra

Call Number Range
String orchestra - Collections M1100    
String symphonies M1101    
Other string orchestra music M1102 --> M1104
Concertos [Solo instrument(s) with string orchestra] M1105 --> M1141
  Concertos - Collections M1105 --> M1106
  Organ concertos M1108 --> M1109
  Piano concertos M1110 --> M1111
  Violin concertos M1112 --> M1113
  Viola concertos M1114 --> M1115
  Cello concertos M1116 --> 1117
  Double bass concertos M1118    
  Concertos for other strings M1119    
  Flute concertos M1120 --> M1121
  Oboe concertos M1122 --> M1123
  Clarinet concertos M1124 --> M1125
  Bassoon concertos M1126 --> M1127
  Horn concertos M1128 --> M1129
  Trumpet concertos M1130 --> M1131
  Trombone concertos M1132 --> M1133
  Concertos for other winds M1134 --> M1135
  Concertos for plucked instruments M1136 --> M1137.4
    Harp concertos M1136 --> M1137
    Guitar concertos M1137.4 Gui  
  Percussion concertos M1138 --> M1139
  Concertos for other instruments M1139.4 --> M1139.5
  Concertos for more than 1 instruments M1140 --> M1141
Concertos for string orchestra M1142    
Other string orchestra music M1145 --> M1160


Call Number Range
Band music M1200 --> M1204
Concertos [Solo instrument(s) with band] M1205 --> M1206
Concertos for band M1242
Band music M1245 --> M1270

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