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Music: Percussions

Resources for Music students


Call Number Range
Percussions, drums M146    
Bells, glockenspiel M147    
Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone M175 Xyl    
Percussion and piano M284 --> M285
  Percussion with orchestra - Piano reduction M1039    
  Percussion with string orchestra - Piano reduction M1139    
Percussion with orchestra M1038 --> M1039
Percussion with string orchestra M1138 --> M1139
Timpani techniques M660 --> MT660.8
Drum techniques M662 --> MT662.8
Xylophone techniques MT719 --> MT719.8
Tubular bells techniques MT720    

Resource Librarians

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Lynette Lim
NUS Central Library
+65 6516 8128
Subjects: Music