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Music: Keyboards

Resources for Music students


Call Number Range
Piano solo M20 --> M39.6
  Piano - Collections M20 --> M21
  Piano [by composer] M22    
  Piano sonatas M23    
  Piano suites, pieces M24 --> M25.3
  Piano, 1 hand M26 --> M26.2
  Piano variations M27    
  Piano - Others M28 --> M39.6
Piano, 3 hands M198    
Piano, 4 hands M200 --> M212
  Piano sonatas, 4 hands M202    
  Piano suites, 4 hands M203    
Piano, 3 hands M205    
Piano, more than 4 hands M213    
2 or more pianos M214 --> M216
  Piano with orchestra - Piano reduction M1011    
  Piano with string orchestra - Piano reduction M1111    
Piano with orchestra M1010 --> M1011
Piano with string orchestra M1110 --> M1111
Piano techniques MT220 --> MT249


  Call Number Range
Organ solo M6 --> M19
  Organ sonatas M8    
  Organ symphonies M8.5    
Organ techniques MT180 --> MT219

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