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Music: Trombone Solo

Resources for Music students

Trombone Solo

List of titles for your repertoire.

Aaskell, Masson. Cadenza : (1987) : for solo trombone = pour trombone seul = fur Solo Posaune

Adler, Samuel. Bravura : a concert piece for bass trombone

Adler, Samuel. Canto II : [four concert etudes] : for unaccompanied trombone

Anderson, T.J.  In memoriam Albert Lee Murray : for solo trombone

Aperghis, Georges . Ruinen : pour trombone (avec clef de FA) [1994] 

Arnold, Malcolm. Fantasy, for trombone, op. 101 

Berio, Luciano. Sequenza V : for trombone solo 

Bernstein, Leonard. Elegy for Mippy II : for trombone alone 

Bléger, Michel. 10 caprices for trombone

Brink, Philip. Exegesis (1974) : for bass trombone unaccompanied

Buss, H. J. A day in the city : 7 vignettes for unaccompanied tuba or bass trombone

Cage, John. Solo for sliding trombone

Caltabiano, Ronald. Sonata for solo trombone

Campbell, Charles Joseph. 30 contemporary etudes : for solo trombone (baritone)

Carter, Elliott. Retracing V : for solo trombone

Childs, Barney. Sonata for solo trombone

Crespo, Enrique. Improvisation Nr. 1 : fur Posaune solo

Davies, Peter Maxwell. Judas mercator : on a plainsong, for solo trombone 

Dusapin, Pascal. Indeed : pour trombone

Fetter, David. Bass lines : for bass trombone

Fink, Reginald H. Introducing the alto clef for trombone

Franz, Oskar. Zehn "Grosse Concert-Etüden" : für Posaune = Ten "Grand concert etudes" : for trombone

Frigyes, Hidas. Fantasia per trombone 

Hamilton, Iain. Spirits of the air : for solo bass trombone

Hartzell, Eugene. Monologue 16 : Sophistications : for trombone = posaune solo

Henze, Hans Werner. Sonatina für Posaune solo = for solo trombone : 1974 

Hudson, Rob. 30 modern studies for trombone

Johnston, Gary. Revelstoke impressions : for bass trombone unaccompanied

Kenny. John. Sonata for unaccompanied trombone

Lim, Liza. Well of dreams : for solo alto trombone, 2008

Masson, Aaskell. Cadenza : (1987) : for solo trombone = pour trombone seul = Solo Posaune

Naulais, Jerome. Monologue : trombone basse solo = bass trombone solo

Nordheim, Arne. The hunting of the snark : for trombone soloNaulais, Jérôme. Monologue : trombone basse solo = bass trombone solo 

Pederson, Tommy. Unaccompanied solos for bass trombone

Persichetti, Vincent. Parable : for solo trombone : Parable XVIII, op 133

Presser, William. Three folktales : for solo bass trombone

Rabe, Folke. Basta : for trombone solo

Redel. Martin Christoph. TrombOnly : Solo für Tenorposaune, 2014

Scelsi, Giacinto. Three pieces : for trombone solo (1956) 

Schlossberg, C. K. ed. Daily drills and technical studies for trombone

Skolnik, Walter. Three pieces for solo bass trombone

Snedecor, Phil. Lyrical etudes for trombone

Tessier, Roger. Scene 1 (1984) : pour trombone

Verhelst, Steven. Melodious etudes for trombone Uber, David. Concert etudes : for tuba (or bass trombone) 1984

Verhelst, Steven. Melodious etudes for basstrombone 

Woud, Nick. First song : for solo bass trombone

Xenakis, Iannis. Keren (1986) : pour trombone solo