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Music: Voice

Resources for Music students

Secular & general vocal music

Call Number Range
Vocal music - Collections M1495    
Secular vocal music M1497 --> M1998
  Secular vocal music - Collections M1497    
  Operas M1500 --> M1501
  Opera vocal scores M1502 --> M1503.5
  College operas M1504    
  Opera excerpts, etc. M1505 --> M1509
  Incidental music M1510 --> M1518
  Ballets M1520 --> M1526
  Film, radio, TV music M1527 --> M1527.8
  More than 1 voices and orchestra M1528 --> M1529
  More than 1 voices with/without accompaniment M1529.2 --> M1529.5
  Chorus with orchestra/ensemble M1530 --> M1546.5
  Chorus with/without accompaniment M1547    
  Chorus with keyboard instrument M1548 --> M1570
  Chorus with other instrument M1574 --> M1577
  Chorus unaccompanied M1578 --> M1600
  Other choral music M1608 --> M1610
  Solo songs with orchestra M1611 --> M1618
  Solo songs with/without accompaniment M1619 --> M1620
  Solo songs with piano M1621    
  Solo songs with/without accompaniment M1621.2 --> M1621.3
  Song cycles M1621.4    
  Other solo songs M1621.5 --> M1622
  Solo songs with other instrument M1623 --> M1624.9
  Recitations, etc. M1625 --> M1626
  Folk, national music M1627 --> M1853
  Other songs M1900 --> M1985
  Secular vocal music for children M1990 --> M1998
Vocal techniques MT820 --> MT949

Sacred vocal music

  Call Number Range
Sacred vocal music M1999 --> M2199
  Sacred vocal music - Collections M1999    
  Dramatic music [e.g. oratorios] M2000 --> M2007
  Masses, etc. M2010 --> M2014.6
  Other choral services M2105 --> M2017.9
  More than 1 voices and orchestra M2018 --> M2019
  More than 1 voices with/without accompaniment M2019.2 --> M2019.5
  Chorus with orchestra/ensemble M2020 --> M2058
  Chorus with/without accompaniment M2060    
  Chorus with keyboard instrument M2061 --> M2080
  Chorus with other instrument M2080.4 --> M2080.7
  Chorus unaccompanied M2081 --> M2100.2
  Other choral music M2101 --> M2101.5
  Solo voice with orchestra M2102 --> M2108
  Solo voice with/without accompaniment M2110 --> M2114.8
  Hymnals M2115 --> M2146
  Liturgies & rituals M2147 --> M2188
  Sacred vocal music for children M2190 --> M2196
  Other scared vocal music M2198 --> M2199

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