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Music: Tuba Solo

Resources for Music students

Tuba Solo

List of titles for your repertoire.

Adler, Samuel. Canto VII : tuba solo

Arnold, Malcolm. Fantasy for tuba, op. 102 

Baker, Claude. Canzonet for solo tuba : 1972 

Barton Cummings, Barton. Three moods (1975) : for solo toba

Beach, Bennie. Divertissement for tuba 

Buss, H. J. A day in the city : 7 vignettes for unaccompanied tuba or bass trombone 

Cimera, Jaroslav. 73 Advanced tuba studies

Corwell, Neal. New England reveries : for solo tuba or euphonium (or trombone) with tape

Creuze, Roland. Eria : pour tuba solo

Cummings, Barton. Three moods (1975) : for solo toba

Frackenpohl, Arthur. Tubatunes : unaccompanied tuba solo

Gallagher, Jack. Sonata breve : for unaccompanied tuba = pour tuba seul = für Tuba allein 

Grant, James. Three furies : for solo tuba

Gregson, Edward. Alarum : for unaccompanied solo tuba

Hartley, Walter S. Suite for unaccompanied tuba


Kraft, William. Encounters II : tuba solo

Mahnkopf, Claus Steffen. Hommage a Brian Ferneyhough : fur einen Tubisten = for one bassist

Marques, Carlos Manuel. Arabesco IV : para tuba solo = for solo tuba

Miller, Ernest. 60 studies for trombone : (baritone, euphonium oe tenor tuba)

Muczynski, Robert. Impromptus for solo tuba : op. 32 

Penderecki, Krzysztof. Capriccio für Tuba solo (1980) 

Persichetti, Vincent. Parable : for solo tuba

Persichetti, Vincent. Serenade no. 12 for solo tuba

Presser, William. Eight episodes : for tuba 

Powell, Morgan. Midnight realities : for tuba unaccompanied

Ptaszyńska, Marta.Dwie poezje : na tub̨e = Two poems : for tuba solo

Reck, David. Five studies for tuba alone

Regt, Hendrik de. Partita for solo tuba

Spillman, Robert. Four Greek preludes : for tuba solo

Stevens, John. Triumph of the demon gods : for solo tuba

Stevens, John. Salve Venere, salve Marte = Hail to Venus, hail to Mars : for solo tuba = pour tuba seul = für Tuba allein

Telemann, Georg Philip; edited and transcribed by Micky Wrobleski. 12 fantasias for solo tuba

Teuchert, Emil. 26 Studien : fur Tuba

Uber, David. Concert etudes : for tuba (or bass trombone) 1984

Wolff, Christian. Tuba song : for 1 or 2 tubas 

Xiao, Ying. Liu Quan Ju Shi : for solo tuba