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Music: Techniques & studies

Resources for Music students

Techniques & studies

Call Number Range
Instrumental techniques - General MT170 --> MT172
Keyboard techniques MT179 --> MT258
  Keyboard techniques - General MT179    
  Organ techniques MT180 --> MT219
  Piano techniques MT220 --> MT249
  Other keyboard techniques MT250 --> MT258
String techniques MT259 --> MT338
  String techniques - General MT259    
  Violin techniques MT260 --> MT279.8
  Viola techniques MT280 --> MT298
  Cello techniques MT300 --> MT318
  Double bass tchniques MT320 --> MT334
  Other string techniques MT335 --> MT338
Wind techniques MT339 --> MT538
  Wind techniques - General MT339    
  Woodwind techniques MT339.5 --> MT415
    Woodwind techniques - General MT339.5    
    Flute techniques MT340 --> MT359
    Oboe techniques MT360 --> MT379
    Clarinet techniques MT380 --> MT395
    Bassoon techniques MT400 --> MT415
  Brass techniques MT418 --> 4MT97
    Brass techniques - General MT418    
    Horn techniques MT420 --> MT432
    Trumpet techniques MT440 --> MT456
    Trombone techniques MT460 --> MT472.8
    Tuba techniques MT480 --> MT488
    Other brass techniques MT492 --> MT497
  Other wind techniques MT500 --> MT538
Plucked instrument techniques MT539 --> MT654
  Harp techniques MT540 --> MT548
  Guitar techniques MT590 --> MT589
Percussion & other instrumental techniques MT655 --> MT725
  Timpani techniques MT660 --> MT660.8
  Drum techniques MT662 --> MT662.8
Chamber music techniques MT728 --> MT728.3
Orchestra techniques MT730    
Band techniques MT733 --> MT733.7
Other ensemble techniques MT734 --> MT737
Instrumental techniques for children MT740 --> MT810
Vocal techniques MT820 --> MT949

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