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Music: Classification Outline

Resources for Music students

Classification outline

Call Number Range
Music - Collections M1 --> M3.3
Instrumental music M5 --> M1490
  Instrumental music - Collections M5
  Solo instrument M6 --> M176.5
    Organ M6 --> M19
    Piano M20 --> M39.6
    Violin M40 --> M44
    Viola M45 --> M49
    Cello M50 --> M54
    Double bass M55 --> M58
    Other strings M59 --> M59.5
    Flute M60 --> M64
    Oboe M65 --> M69
    Clarinet M70 --> M74
    Bassoon M75 --> M79
    Horn M80 --> M84
    Trumpet M85 --> M89
    Trombone M90 --> M94
    Tuba M95 --> M99
    Other winds M100 --> M111
    Plucked instruments M115 --> M142
    Percussions M145 --> M175.5
    Other instrumental music M176 --> M176.5
  Chamber music M177 --> M990
    Chamber music - Collections M177 --> M179
    Duets M180 --> M298.5
    Trios M300 --> M386
    Quartets M400 --> M486
    Quintets M500 --> M586
    Sextets M600 --> M686
    Septets M700 --> M786
    Octets M800 --> M886
    Nonets & larger groups M900 --> M986
  Orchestra M1000 --> M1075
    Symphonies M1001  
    Concertos M1004.5 --> M1041
  String orchestra M1100 --> M1160
    String symphonies M1101  
    Concertos M1105 --> M1142
  Band M1200 --> M1270
    Concertos M1205 --> M1206
  Other instrumental music M1350 --> M1459
  Chance [Aleatory] music M1470
  Electronic & computer music M1473
  Other instrumental music M1475 --> M1490
Vocal music M1495 --> M2199
  Vocal music - Collections M1495
  Secular vocal music M1497 --> M1998
    Operas M1500 --> M1509
    Incidental music M1510 --> M1518
    Ballets M1520 --> M1526
    Choruses M1530 --> M1610
    Solo songs M1611 --> M1624.9
  Sacred vocal music M1999 --> M2199
    Dramatic music [oratorios, etc] M2000 --> M2007
    Masses M2010 --> M2014.6
    Choruses M2020 --> M2101.5
    Solo songs M2102 --> M2114.8
Unidentified compositions M5000
Instrumental techniques MT170 --> MT810
Vocal techniques MT820 --> MT949

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