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An overview of eBooks and eTextbooks in NUS Libraries


1. No registration is required for accessing subscribed titles from Ebsco e-books

2. Each e-book can only be accessed by one user at a time.

3. A message will appear on the screen if the e-book is in use.

4. The e-book “Download” and “Holds” capabilities are not available on current Ebscohost platform.

5. For most items you can download/print a limited number of pages, typically but not always 60.

6. To display the e-book pages properly, open your Adobe Reader, select Preferences and Internet, tick the check box Display PDF in browser and click OK.

7. To close an e-book, click on either one of these: Result List, New Search, Back or Exit links on screen. If you close the browser screen instead, the viewing session will not end automatically but only after 30 minutes when no activity is detected.



For more information, please refer to eBooks on EBSCOhost at