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An overview of eBooks and eTextbooks in NUS Libraries

Printing & downloading of E-books

E-Books packages 

Printable / Downloadable?

Access Medicine

-- May print a section within a chapter; PowerPoint slides and images.
-- May download of whole chapter in html file for handheld devices

ACLS Humanities -- May print / download 10 pages at a time. (see here)
Apabi -- Cannot print from APABI ebooks directly but it is possible to copy (about 2000 words each time) and print if the content from the ebooks are copied and pasted into Microsoft Word.
ASME Press -- Individual articles may be downloaded for personal use.
BRILL -- May print / download one chapter at a time.
BSI E-books (on IG platform) -- Allow single page download at a time.
Cambridge Books Online -- May print one chapter per title or up to 20% of the pages from the total collection, whichever is the greater for personal use only during any given four week period.
EEBO -- May download an entire book from EEBO, or a custom range of pages in either TIFF or PDF format from the document Images page. (see here)
Ebsco eBook (formerly NetLibrary)

-- May vary depending on publishers. - To check, click on printer icon (4th button from top on the right).





ECCO -- May print / download 250 pages at a time for personal, educational purposes only.
Elsevier ScienceDirect -- May download PDF of section/chapter and print from Adobe Reader.Selected titles may be downloadable in ePub or Mobipocket. Look under "More options...

-- No printing restrictions. Content can be downloaded and saved to user's device.

Emerald e-Book Series Collection

-- Users may download or print individual articles and chapters for personal use only.

Future in Medicine -- May download by chapter or whole book in pdf.
Hathitrust  -- Selected items are free for viewing. No downloads.
ICE / Thomas Telford -- May download and save individual chapters.
IEEE-Wiley -- May print a reasonable number of pages from each e-book for personal use. Cannot download an entire issue or issues of a publication.
Informa Heathcare -- Online books may be saved or printed, in accordance with the license agrremen for personal use. ( see here)
InfoSci-Books (IGI Global) -- May download and save individual chapters.
ISEAS -- May download single page download at a time.
Karger -- May print / download individual chapter.

LWW (Books @OVID)

-- May print book chapters or sections within a chapter in ASCII text format or html.

Making of Modern Law

-- Multiple options for printing page images are available by clicking on the Print/View PDF icon
-- May print the current page image in PDF format, or a range of up to ten page images in PDF format

MD Consult -- May download and print PDFs for book chapters (No more than 10% of the book) for personal use provided the copyright of the work is honoured
Morgan & Claypool -- PDFs may be printed or downloaded for personal use only
MyiLibrary -- May print chapters, sections or pages within the copyright restrictions of the title
OECD -- May download whole book in pdf / print OECD content for own use. ( see here)
Oxford scholarly editions online -- May save and/or print out single copies of portions of restricted contents within copyright limits.
Oxford Scholarship Online -- May print / download a chapter from each title or 5% of the pages of any title, whichever is the greater


-- May print or download up to 5% or one chapter of a book

Rare books on Burma (on IG platform)

-- May download single page at a time

Sage Knowledge

-- May print / download individual chapter in text format


-- May print / download individual chapter in PDF format
-- May download as PDFs and print one chapter at a time solely for scholarly, educational or personal use

--No DRM restrictions on the e-books

Taylor & Francis

DRM protected ebooks (see faq on how to access)

-- Quick access - no printing and /or copy/paste allowed 

- - Standard access - allows printing of 30 pages and/or copy/paste of 1000 words per session for personal use during 2 hr period.

-- Download a copy - offline reading for 2 hr.; no printing and /or copy/paste allowed.

DRM free ebooks

-- May download an entire ebook in PDF for personal use 

-- May print within copyrights limits for personal use 

Thieme Clinical Collection

-- May download and save individual chapters for personal use.

UPCC books on Project MUSE

-- Unlimited downloading and printing of book chapter in PDF format. No DRM on the UPCC e-book files (see here)

Wiley Online Library

-- May print / download book chapters, one at a time. No DRM restrictions but usage must conform to license. (see here)

Woodhead Publishing

-- See Elsevier ScienceDirect.

World Scientific

-- May print / download book chapters, one at a time

Note: Selected library e-books (whole) and PDF e-book chapters such as Springer, Taylor & Francis etc. that are DRM free can be downloaded to read offline on the iPads or iPhones. To do that, you'll  need an app such as Bluefire reader, GoodReader or iBooks.  These apps can be downloaded from Apple App Store.