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An overview of eBooks and eTextbooks in NUS Libraries

Overview of Institutional and Personal Licensed eBooks

There are different licensing models for eBooks, similar to the personal and corporate licensed versions of software. The Library only purchases academic eBooks on an institutional license. This means that the eBooks can be accessed by the entire University. As such, we only purchase eBooks from publishers and vendors who allow for an institutional license to their products. 

This is different from purchasing eBooks from commercial platforms such as Amazon and eBay, as those eBooks are sold on a personal user license and are not for institutional use. 

The eBooks available in NUS Libraries also differ from those from the National Library Board (NLB) in terms of content and loan period. Except for eTextbooks, you can access the NUS Libraries eBooks without having to borrow or return them due to the recurring need for these eBooks for research, learning, and teaching purposes. 


This guide lists and provides access to E-Books packages purchased by NUS Libraries. Access to the subscribed E-Books titles is restricted to NUS staff and students only. Please observe copyright rules when downloading or printing.

In addition, different ebook platforms have different functionality in terms of downloading & printing limits, some only allow viewing online. Refer to the following page for details on printing/downloading

There are 2 ways to access the subscribed E-Books titles that are relevant to your faculty:

1) To browse the list of e-books available in the library catalogue

  • Click on the tab of your faculty in this subject guide e.g. Design and Environment for SDE
  • Click on the link to the e-book package e.g. British Standards Institution E-Books
  • Scroll down and click on "View Additional Items" to view full list of e-books available
  • To access the e-book, click on the link under "Link to Full Text" column of the e-book title you are interested
  • Authenticate with your NUSNET ID and password then read through the Appropriate Use Policy before access
  • To view details of the book in the library catalogue or check if the library has a print version, click on the link under "Title (Link to Catalogue)" column

2) To search for e-books in the publisher's website

  • Refer to the list of e-books publishers below
  • Click on the link to the e-book publisher's package e.g. Cambridge Books Online
  • Authenticate with your NUSNET ID and password then read through the Appropriate Use Policy before access
  • Search the publisher's site for the e-book title you require using keywords, titles or ISBN etc.
  • Note (1): Access is only allowed to e-book titles subscribed by the library
  • Note (2): Some publisher's site allows limitation to search only e-books


List of E-Book Publishers

The links below provide alternative access to E-books publishers that the library has subscription to: